Aparato – Starting gate/stall or Pruett gate
Ayuda – Full exertion
Bagong palit – new shoes
Bandera – leader, front runner
Banderang tapos – wire to wire win
Banderista – A front runner or a horse with early speed
Banig – To bet on every possible daily double, forecast, exotic bettings
Batak – In top shape
Bawas – Out of shape
Benta – Sales
Bentanilla – betting window.
Bisiro – A yearling (year-old) horse.
Bitaw – jockey letting loose of his mount.
Bugaw – At the tail of the field
Bulusok – To rally or let loose.
Bumalya – Where a horse races towards the rail despite rider’s efforts to maintain straight course.
Bumuka (pumadpad) – To run wide
Chamba – Less chance
Copia – The weekly condition sheet reflecting probable race groupings of horses.
Deboka – A sprinter, pacer, or front-runner.
Dehado – An underrated racehorse (longshot)
Dehagok – A gunter; a horse that breathes noisily during exercise.
Deklarado – A horse entered in a particular race/event.
Deremate – A come-from-behind runner and one that is able to race well at longer distances; a stayer or a dependable runner.
Di-nagkain – out of feed
Di-natimbang – A loser that fails to earn part of the purse.
Di-sunod – A horse that prefers to follow the front-runner in the early going.
Diskuwalipika – To disqualify or to officially lower a horse’s finishing position because it interfered with others during the race, carried improper weight, or was drugged.
Dibisa – racing color of the jockey
Engkargado – A race horse trainer or one knowledgeable in handling horses.
Ensayador – An exercise rider or a rider during workouts.
Ensayo – A workout, airing, or a morning gallop intended mainly for conditioning.
Ganador – A stud or a stallion; a male horse.
Ganar – To run or win in a convincing fashion.
Garapal – Deliberately losing the race.
Gising – Wide awake or alert, indicative of good condition.
Grumadweyt – To graduate or to win a maiden race.
Hagok – A noisy equine breathing similar to coughing.
Hinete – A jockey
Hugando – Won convincingly.
Huling Kurbada – The final stretch turn.
Huling Rekta – The homestretch or the last straight towards the finish straight part of track from final turn to finish.
Hugando – A decisive victory without much urging or undue effort. To handle easily.
Husgado – Judges
Husto ang Makina – A well-bred or pedigreed horse.
Husto sa Timbang – Carrying the exact handicap weight.
Huwag kunin – Do not get
Impate – A dead heat; when two horses reach finish line simultaneously.
Inahin – A broodmare or a female horse used for breeding; the horse for breeding; the horses dam or mother.
Istrikto – The roster of horses proposed by the owners a week before a race.
Itinago – To manipulate a horse so that its record conceals its true ability.
Kahon – Deliberately losing the race
Kalahok – Entry or numbers of starters in fields; the horses competing in a race.
Kapatid sa Ina – Half-brother or half-sister.
Kapon – A gelding; a castrated horse.
Karerista – A regular racegoer or railbird; one who stands at track’s outside rail for close observation.
Kargado – With upper
Kilatis – Study.
Kinapos – A horse without sufficient racing energy or that  tires quickly.
Kontra Salida – A horse that runs against stride.
Kulang sa Timbang – Not carrying the exact handicap weight.
Kulelat – To finish last in the field.
Kumbinasyon – Across-the-board wager combination bet on a particular wagering event.
Kundisyon ng Pista – Condition of the track.
Kurbada – The bend or curve; a turn of the track.
Kuwartos – Fractions or clockings at quartermile intervals in races and workouts.
Labas – A horse that is out to win; exerts maximum effort to win a particular race.
Larga – race start
Latigo – The whip
Liyamado – Odds on betting favorite; odds of less than even money.
Lundag – To leap upward at start of the race instead of racing forward.
Mabilis na Pista – A fast track; dry surface on which horses usually run fast; a track when running times are really fast.
Magbabakal – A farrier or someone who shoes a horse.
Magulang – A horse aged seven or older.
Malalim na Pista – A dead track; a track with less than normal resilience.
Marka – Racing tips
Medya Milya – The half-mile mark or pole.
Medya Trangko – Preserving the energy
Meta – The finish line or payoff line.
Milya – A mile distance.
Mola – A thoroughbred.
Muntura – Saddle
Nabato – To step on a hard object (i.e. stones) on the track.
Naka-bakal – not wearing aluminum plate.
Nakotyo – won by a nose
Nadidal – To place a bet/wager on the wrong horse.
Nag-ultimo Quatro – The rally going into the last 400 meters.
Nakapirmis – Plenty to spare
Nakasilat – To upset a favorite.
Nakasilip ng Daanan – Saw an opening.
Nakatalikod sa Labangan – A bed doer or a horse that eats poorly, indicating illness, discomfort, exhaustion.
Nakatirintas – A bangtail; mane or tail folded and bound when track is muddy.
Naiwan – To be left behind or dwell in the gates; said of a horse that leaves starting gate late.
Nalubak – To step on a soft spot or hit a hard object on track.
Nalutsa – To encounter stiff opposition or a speed duel at the front.
Nanara – To interfere or impede the path of another entry/horse during a race
Nanggulang – Interference, obstruct.
Nanlamig – A horse which suddenly runs in cold in the course of the race.
Nanopresa – To score a surprise win or an upset.
Napilay – To breakdown; become unable to run because of injury to the horse’s legs.
Napupunto – Peakest form
Natalisod – to stumble.
Natimbang – To finish in the money.
Natuka – nose out
Naubos – lost steam
Naungusan – to nipped
Novatos – A newcomer horse or a horse that has yet to win on official race.
Octavo – One-eighths of a mile or roughly 200 meters.
Pamoste – A sure winner.
Panahog – An also-ran, horse that finishes out of the money with no real intent of winning race.
Pandehado – A long shot bet or pick.
Pandiin – a shoo-in; or a sure winner
Pang-ibabaw – The preferred entry/horse in a case of coupled entry or those belonging to the same stable.
Panlutsa – A pacesetter; a horse fielded to rival the pacesetters in the early going with the intent of wearing them down.
Patalo – Lack of interest
Patas – A dead heat; horses of equal caliber.
Patok – One for the day
Perder – lack of interest
Pigil – To ease or back-up; to slow down relative to other jockeys in a race or to spare horse dangerous exertion by slowing it down.
Pista – The race track or the track area.
Programa – The racing program
Protesta – A protest/objection; a complaint filed by a jockey or trainer to stewards about alleged infractions committed by another entry/horse.
Quartos – Fractions of every mile or every 400 meters of the race.
Rekta – The stretch; the final stretch.
Remate – To close fast or finish fast.
Rumble – To box one’s bet/wager; a combination of bets involving three or more horses.
Rumekta – To close in; gain ground on the leader in the final stages of the race.
Salida – The break or the start of the race.
Saludo – Customary salute of the jockey to the stewards by raising the whip after the race, seeking permission to dismount.
Siete-octavo – Seven-eighths of a mile, or 1,000 meters.
Silip – need support
Sombrero – Safety helmet
Sota – groom, stablehand who walks the horses while they cool down.
Sota mayor – The chief stablehand.
Subaybayan – A horse to watch for in future races.
Sukat – The height of the horse; distance from ground to top of withers, usually measured in hands.
Suspendido – A suspended or grounded jockey/horse due to an infraction of the rule book.
Tabing Balya – The infield or the area within the inner perimeter of the track.
Taob ang Labangan – A good horse or an enthusiastic eater.
Tapa de Ojo – Blinkers
Tapunan – Bet a little.
Taya – A bet or a wager.
Tayaan – To bet on a particular horse/entry.
Timbang – The impost or the handicap weight assigned; weight carried by a horse in a race.
Timbangan – Finish in the money or the top three placing.
Tiyempista – Clockers; time keepers; handicapper
Tres-octavo – Three-eighths of a mile or 600 meter.
Tres-quatro – Three-fourths of a mile or 1,200 meters.
Tulog – With downer
Tumukod – Sudden loss of energy
Tumimbang – To weigh-in or two weigh-out.
Umalagwa – To take a commanding lead.
Unang Lundag – To break away at the start of the race.
Vivo – To ask speed.
Walang Madaanan (nasupot) – A situation where the jockey is in the middle of the pack and can’t see.
Walang talo – sure winner


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